“What the F*ck?” Wednesday

OMG, are you f*cking serious? There is a typo embedded into the technology of my new car!!!! WTF???

I will now be forced to look at this every time I make a phone call. Clearly Land Rover has no understanding of what this will do to me. And don’t tell me it’s because you’re British or some stupid sh*t … you are owned by Ford now.

Fix it, Land Rover … FIX IT!


Now for a funny, and non-Rhonda-traumatizing WTF…

… someone has way too much time on their hands. (The title of this email was “why men should not be allowed to play with action figures.”)

WTF? Quit playing with dead animals, dudes.

— The B.S. Cafe is now serving roadkill.

2 thoughts on ““What the F*ck?” Wednesday

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