“What the f*ck?” Wednesday

The IT gestapo is at it again
First, they blocked the National Nap Month site, because reading about napping is “malicious,” and now they have blocked Kodak Gallery, because it’s a “personal network storage and backup” site. Uh huh. So? Weirdly enough, you can still access Snapfish and Shutterfly and Flickr. Just not the one site I use. WTF?

And it’s also strangely and ridiculously random. I can visit one of my favorite blogs (“F*ck you, Penguin”) one day and the next day it tells me that site is “tasteless.” You can’t email me a document with the word “f*ck” in it, but I can email my list of our 200 top executives that same document, no problem.

Bad marketing, Texas
I saw this sign last week and it gave me the heeby jeebies. WTF is up with the creepy-ass sign, Texas? I don’t mind participating in an extended neighborhood watch, but could we get a better mascot? The guy with the extra wide shoulders, teeny tiny head and crazy eyes kind of looks like one of the Sand People from Star Wars.

Inappropriate Behavior
As I sit here writing this, I hear one of my coworkers return to the office. He’s eating something, he opens a can of coke, and then I hear him … clipping his nails??? I walk over to see why he is back, but it’s not Stephen. It’s the janitor. Hanging out in Stephen’s cube for a quick bite and some personal hygiene. WTF? What else is going on in our cubicle nation after hours?

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