“What the f*ck?” Wednesday

The unfriendly skies
WTF is up with all the plane crashes and near-misses lately? A plane crashed in Iran this morning… a foot-long hole “opened up” in the fuselage of a Southwest flight on Monday … doesn’t seem like a good time to get on a plane, huh?

We haven’t been traveling much these past two years because taking toddlers on planes not only makes you incredibly unpopular, it also makes you feel like an unqualified cat herder. But with all the recent crashes and emergency landings, Dan and I have discussed taking separate flights next time we travel somewhere without the kiddos. Not that I find that to be a bad idea. Might as well get a break from everyone, right?

Why senior citizens shouldn’t give birth
Remember that woman who had twins a few years ago at the age of 66? Well, she died. They are 2 years old. They were conceived with donor eggs and sperm, so they have no father or true extended family. Ridiculous. Selfish. Argh.

Taxidermy at it’s finest?
On my lunch-time cruise of TweetDeck (yes, I have a bit of a problem now … I’m hooked), I came across these photos.

Be warned. I got a little queasy when I took the time to think about what I was looking at. The last photo is my personal favorite … and a potential Father’s Day gift for Dan next year. Nothing says “we love you” like mouse-head cuff links.

P.S. I can access “F*ck You Penguin” again today. FU, IT.

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