“What the f*ck?” Wednesday

Morons on wheels
I can’t get away from them. My tolerance is definitely low (because I didn’t have to drive in rush-hour traffic from 2000 to 2008), but I think I attract the dumbest of the dumb. Not only did this guy drive halfway on the shoulder for the entire 10-mile stretch of freeway (even on the overpasses … he was maybe a foot from the bridge railing), he was also tailgating and stomping on his brakes randomly.

This person is why I can never get a concealed handgun permit.

Didn’t need to see that
This was at the checkout line. Ugh. President Obama does not make a pretty woman. And WTF is up with putting him in drag at checkout anyway?

Ruining crappy TV for everyone

Really, “E!”? I know late night is the time for all the ridiculous infomericals and chat-line advertisements, but booty calls at 11:30? No one is that drunk until way after midnight. This seems like a new low even for you.

I just need to pee
Okay, I am all for having something to say, but you need to pick an appropriate time and place. I couldn’t decide if this was a “deep thought” or just a commentary on toilet paper. After a moment or two, I was like “WTF? I’m in the bathroom.” Could we stop with the 24/7 messaging? I just want to pee and look at the bathroom door.

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