“What the F*ck” Wednesday? — Automobile edition

My car has been giving me BIG headaches lately. A few weeks ago, someone backed into it at Target leaving me with a broken taillight and no note (thanks). $275 and all was well again.

Then one rainy day, it just stops moving forward. One week and $700 later, all was well again. — P.S. That amount included $150 to fix the wiper on my HEADLIGHT (My reaction…I have wipers on my headlights?!). When I acted all indignant about how ridiculous that little luxury is, I was informed that some people apparently use Land Rovers to go off-roading and get mud on their headlights.

<----Who knew? ;)
Last week, the hubby borrows my car and returns it with a HUGE, unfixable ding in the windshield. (He acted like he didn’t know it happened. Uh huh.) And finally, yesterday I notice that a fog light has now been busted out somehow.


Seriously car, please stop it.

So, I have decided that if you are still making car payments, you shouldn’t have to pay for anything related to your car. Everything should be covered by your car payment…oil changes, washer fluid, busted lights, new windshields, etc. And when I start Rhonda’s Car Finance Company, I promised that is how it will be.

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