What the F*ck? Wednesday – The man I can’t escape

WTF is up with Kevin Trudeau? This guy is everywhere…if you are up all night long watching TV, that is. He has an infomercial on every other channel…he’s apparently quite a know it all…he has the secrets! Weight loss or alternative cures to diseases or speed reading or increasing your memory…Kevin Trudeau has the answer. But the real kicker is that he isn’t a doctor nor has he had any medical training…WTF, TV people? You don’t have to be qualified to dispense medical advice these days?

And WTF happened to the cool infomercials where they actually sell stuff a sleep-deprived woman wants? During the first few months of my other daughter’s life, I bought a Magic Bullet, the Paint Buddy, the 6-week Body Makeover, the TurboJam Workout and a Scunci Steamer. Now my only choices are some nut job giving out medical advice and people who want me to buy foreclosed homes. Am I going to have to start watching QVC or HSN? I can only take so many more late night reruns of The Hills and The Real World.

6 thoughts on “What the F*ck? Wednesday – The man I can’t escape

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