WTF? Wednesday

I’m so annoyed by the little things this week. My first WTF is that our home has been completely invaded by ants. Is this happening to anyone else in Houston? We put the granule stuff on the beds we found, and all around the perimeter of the house, then we bought the little ant hotels (the child-safe ones) and put those in the high ant-traffic areas. But they won’t go away. They just move around. Yesterday I sat down on the tub surround while getting dressed and a few of the little bastards got into my undies and bit me on the ass. WTF?! I’m way over the ants and welcome any suggestions. Oh, and the dog keeps trying to eat the ant hotels.

I’m also constantly thinking “WTF?” this week when it comes to my car and all of its fabulous technology.

The stupid electronic tire gauge has lost it’s effing mind. Every morning when I get up, it gives me a red warning that all my tires are too low. When I come out of my office in the afternoon, it gives me another crazy red warning that all my tired are over inflated.

WTF? Is this really smart technology? I know it’s the 20-degree difference in our morning and afternoon temperatures at the moment, but what am I supposed to do? Put air in my tires every morning and let some out every night. That’s incredibly convenient. And I’m also really sick of the little exclamation mark that never goes away. Shut up already, car!

6 thoughts on “WTF? Wednesday

  1. We’ve suffered from ants in the past. Be sure you don’t have any wood stacked near the house (probably you don’t in Houston!) or any decaying trees. Also, inspect your deck, if you have one, for decay.

    Honestly, the only thing that worked for us were chemical pesticides. Tried all the other homemade and ‘organic’ tricks and nothing worked.

  2. Found ’em all up under my sheets one time. So I empathize. I like Terro ant killer. Just keep feeding them more and they’ll disappear. he, he (evil laugh).

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