WTF? Wednesday

WTF is up with this place? Is this the most bizarre dental office ever?

(click for larger version)
Being a dental office, I’m not sure what is up with the big ass apple and all the Greek goddesses. Clearly this person is confused. He likes fruit, he likes the ladies, so surely we can incorporate all that into our decor, right? (I say “he” because I doubt any woman would have signed off on this mess.) Perhaps he should have taken the advice of Coco Chanel and removed one item when he was done. I’m thinking the apple.

I only have one word for this (besides WTF? of course) and that would be YUK.

8 thoughts on “WTF? Wednesday

  1. Ok, I know this isn’t PC, but check the name of the dentist and tell me he’s not Greek! They LOVE the overdone decor!

    I haven’t seen the fish balls, but I’d be curious to know how many kids are falling for that?

  2. Bijoux – this dental office is in the heart of Chinatown, so I am mostly positive he isn’t Greek. 🙂

    The thought of McD’s chicken nuggets makes my stomach turn. The fish balls are just … ugh.

    Kim – the apple keeps doctors away, not dentists. Flossing keeps dentists away.

  3. This is the moment we remember Kim saying an apple a day keeps the dentist away. I was thinking it but she said it!

    As for fish balls, I was thinking it’s so odd it could get a late night following but I don’t remember ever craving fish after a night out unless I wanted to lose a couple pounds!

  4. Whoever designed that mess needs to have their license revoked.

    As for the fish pieces, the crazy thing is I have had several people tell me they’re good. Ugh.

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