Anabella is a kindergartener!

It’s official … my first born is a big girl. Let’s take a moment.

I actually took several today. Thinking about her as a baby, thinking about her as a toddler, thinking about her being all alone in a BIG school, not knowing anyone. AHHHHH!

Of course, she was ecstatic. Loved putting on new clothes and shoes. Totally ready for action.

She wasn’t even upset when they had her doing work as soon as she sat down. (While in my head it was “geesh! can’t we just come in and have some fun on the first day?!”)

You can safely conclude that Anabella was great. Mommy was a mess.

To make a long day even longer, Dan picked her up from school, and left his cell at home. So while I am calling and texting, trying to get an update, they are at McDonald’s, then eating ice cream, then playing in the rain. (WTF, DAN?!)

I finally get the scoop at dinner time. She really likes school. They colored and used their scissors. She knows her teacher’s name, but she can’t remember any of her friends’ names. They played on the playground. There was some trauma over a glue stick that apparently might be my fault. She had fun in the cafeteria and she likes the water fountains. (Don’t you love how random kids can be?)

But the most interesting tidbit came as I was tucking her in.

Anabella: Are we in jail?
Me: No, we are at home.
Anabella: But are some people in jail?
Me: Yes, some people are in jail.
Anabella: Because they are bad.
Me: Yes. Where did you hear about jail?
Anabella: At school.

And so it begins.

6 thoughts on “Anabella is a kindergartener!

  1. I can’t get enough of that first picture. She’s adorable…and ready for an agent. 🙂

    I really need to know how jail came up in Kindergarden. Is someone’s parent in jail?

  2. It’s great that she’s coping so well. We don’t have kindergarten here, but I can’t help wondering if it would be better appreciated by adults than children. I’d quite like to be able to trade the odd day in the office for a day spent colouring.

  3. Cocotte – NO! I am still scratching my head trying to figure out when they had time to talk about jail during the first day of kindergarten.

    Bert – LOL. And thank you for the compliment!! That is the nicest thing you could say to me. 🙂

    KB – That is what my mom said. I hate to judge, but geesh I hope not.

    Brian – No doubt. I could have used a day of coloring TODAY.

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