Late night ramblings

Here it is 2 a.m. and I’m awake. I’ve been feeling slightly off – not quite crazy, but definitely off my game – for a few days now. Not sure if it’s just the medicine I’m taking (Prednisone for my Crohn’s … we have a love/hate relationship) or some combo of the meds with the general craziness in my life at the moment (work is beyond busy, Anabella is starting kindergarten on Monday, which has my emotions all over the place, etc. etc.), but I’m just not myself.

Tomorrow I am meeting several of my fabulous girlfriends for a movie (Eat Pray Love) and brunch, so hopefully that will snap me back into my normal frame of mind. Sometimes a little escape is all it takes, right?

Despite my weird mood, the girls have been highly entertaining this weekend. Anabella has a new-found love of knock-knock jokes. She doesn’t always deliver the punch line correctly, but she is perfecting her act. I’m sure it will make her very popular in kindergarten.

And Scarlett is suddenly a singing machine. She puts her own spin on things by singing in a throaty, angry tone. She’s going through her grunge period. Picture Kurt Cobain singing Wheels on the Bus. That’s Scarlett.

10 thoughts on “Late night ramblings

  1. Brian – the film was okay (wait for video). The knock-knock jokes are made tolerable by the fact that both girls totally crack up every time.

    Cocotte – Per Super Happy Girl, I am working on a video. Scarlett is a little camera shy when it comes to her singing, but I am thinking an M&M bribe might work.

    KB – Or America’s Funniest Home Videos! 😉

    SHG – I am working on it!! Stay tuned.

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