WTF? Wednesday

WTF is up with the new Sun Chips packaging? If you haven’t bought one yet, you have been warned – this bag of chips is the loudest thing you will ever come across.

Last night, Dan pulled them out of the pantry and the sole act of grabbing the bag woke me up in the master bedroom (which is a long way from the kitchen). Even just putting the bag in the shopping cart was an experience. People actually turned to look and see what I had in my hand.

I am all for recycling – we recycle as much as we can – and the idea of a compostible bag is great, but this bag makes me want to say “too bad environment, I want the old crappy, wasteful bag back!” So this morning I dumped the remainder of the chips in a Ziploc and sent the bag from hell on its merry way to compost heaven.

I encourage you to at least touch one of these bags next time you are at the store. It has a special loudness to it that doesn’t compare to anything I’ve can come up with. Let’s just say it’s more disturbing than 1,000 people wading up a piece of aluminum foil at the same time. Or 20 people running their fingernails down a chalk board. It’s more irritating than those Vuvuzelas. You get the point.

15 thoughts on “WTF? Wednesday

  1. While I actually enjoyed the vuvuzelas, I think this sound would cringe me out. I imagine it’s along the lines of a dinosaur eating a garbage can full of lit firecrackers. And of course it’s at its worst when against a backdrop of midnight’s pin-drop silence and 4 sleeping toddlers . . .

  2. Jeff – that is a perfect analogy.

    KB – it will drive Petey nuts!

    Cocotte – Wow, you and Jeff are both nailing it. I need to be more creative!

    Jean Knee – I don’t know if I would want to risk having to listen to it digesting. You might be crinkling for days.

    Trix – BEYOND annoying.

    Brian – I’m not sure they got beyond the noise to notice I was being green.

    And another funny development — this noisy bag has a Facebook page. And there was an article in the Wall Street Journal last week.

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