Birthday Extravaganza

It’s been a solid 5 days of celebrating my birthday so far, and I have to say it’s nice when it’s all about ME. As you know, I took Wednesday off to do whatever the f*ck I wanted, and just in case you are curious, here is what I decided on:

  • spa pedicure and eyebrows done
  • sushi lunch with fabulous friend KB
  • shoe shopping (four pairs purchased!)
  • had my car detailed, while I ate an empanada, drank a beer, and read a newspaper
  • met husband for movie and drinks
  • stayed up late watching bad TV
Other festivities over the weekend included:

  • sleeping in on four of the past five days while the hubby got up with the kids (he’s a keeper!)
  • a couples’ massage with the hubby, then dinner with friends at Smith & Wollensky
I also received lots of calls and cards (thank you, fabulous friends!) and the “wrap” party to my birthday extravaganza will be this Saturday when I do lunch and the Sex in the City movie with my girlfriends. Who could ask for a better birthday?!
Here’s the pictorial…mostly of desserts and food. 🙂

Free birthday dessert at sushi. Not that great, but looked pretty. Until KB burned herself on the sparkler.

I stopped and bought us each the cake we liked most for my b-day. Anabella was very excited.

The awesome sunglasses (my new obsession) that Dan bought me. White, blingy, Dolce & Gabbana’s. Perfect for my everyday attire of sweat pants and t-shirts.

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