Craziness at work

Recently someone in our NY office accidentally sent out an email to all users of our travel system in North America. I’m not entirely sure how many employees that is, but I would guess around 10 – 15,000. Anyway, harmless enough, right? Ignore and delete when you realize it’s a mistake. Well, my inbox started dinging non-stop from people responding to ALL over it. The first two or three were like “you emailed me by mistake.” The next 150 or so were “stop responding to all!”

Then, someone let the crazy out. Here is a sampling of the responses from that point forward…

GO LEAFS GO!!!!!!!

We should do this every Friday.

Soo …how bout them knicks. Happy Friday!


This is pretty funny. keep going


This is Fun….Happy Friday.

I concur.

Keep it up, let’s break the record for most inbox emails!

Idiots! (this one was from a vice president!)

Happy Friday to all.

Happy Friday everyone!

BOSCO (anyone have a clue what this means?!)

You are all part of the problem…and now I am too!

since we are replying to all–anyone know a good lunch place?

What city?

A few even sent photos …

So, I stink at math, and I’m no IT person, but that had to be a major compromise to our servers (10,000 people x 200 emails in about 10 minutes would be 2 MILLION emails!). I bet they were crapping their pants. And the weird part was we never heard anything else about it. No note from corporate telling us to not act like deranged monkeys when someone accidentally sends out an email to the entire company.

5 thoughts on “Craziness at work

  1. Your company is funny! Our employees aren’t that creative when it happens. Since we’re IT, my philosophy is they should all be fired for not knowing better. I do get a kick out of all the people who think they will be the one to talk sense into everyone to stop.

  2. Corporate mistakes like that are funny, esp. since I don’t work anymore……..and BOSCO? I have no idea, but our school system calls their mozzarella sticks with dipping sauce ‘Bosco Bread Sticks’ and I’ve always wondered WTH is that? They never use brand names, so it doesn’t make sense.

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