Oh, Anabella

What has Anabella been up to lately? Just the usual …

Showing just how grown-up she is becoming, by putting incredible mommy guilt on me for taking a work trip over Valentine’s Day …

(It says: “Dear Ronda: You weren’t here so I made you a Valentine’s day card. Love Anabella”)

Yes, now I am Rhonda instead of mommy. And I think she even misspelled my name on purpose. Everyone knows how much I hate that!

And she has been having some creative differences with her art teacher …

Oops? Sometimes I feel the school system has no appreciation for kids who think outside the box. Apparently Anabella was into body paint rather than painting on paper that day. Maybe she is hoping to get into Blue Man Group.

5 thoughts on “Oh, Anabella

  1. Ok, that is just ridiculous! Get a life is right, art teacher! You’d think in ART of all places, a kid could be a little creative……Sheesh!

    The VD card is cute, but sad 🙁

  2. Wow… I would think painting ones self wouldn’t be a big deal. I’d say that’s WAY better than Lily telling some little boy she was going to CUT HIM with her plastic scissors!!

  3. that is the problem with teachers…they want all kids to think “inside” the box. She was unhappy because she had to clean her up…way to go for Anabella…I like the way she thinks. 🙂

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