Happy Cinco de Mayo!

As a woman who has a very Hispanic sounding maiden name (Hector…it’s actually German), I have adopted Cinco de Mayo as a personal holiday. Granted I am as Caucasian as they come, but who doesn’t enjoy a day that involves margaritas, Mexican food, pinatas, and victory over the French?

However, our holiday started off in a bit of sadness. Anabella came home with a little Cinco de Mayo bear on Friday, but apparently there has been some foul play, because all we could find of him this morning was his little teeny party hat.

I think the culprit might be the newest addition to the household, Max.

I know he looks innocent enough here, maybe even downright adorable, but he has been hell on four paws since he showed up. Not only did he probably devour Mr. Cinco de Mayo Bear, he has been making my home his own personal potty for the past 10 days.
So, I am on a potty-training mission this week, or Max might be joining Mr. Cinco de Mayo Bear…wherever he may be.

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