Happy holidays!

Hey everyone! Thanks for all the notes and offers of help during what was an incredibly trying time. Dan has mostly recovered, and so has Scarlett (did I mention here that she wound up with pneumonia too?), so hopefully life will get back to normal next week when school starts again.

Christmas was great. Even though I only had a week to buy all the gifts, wrap everything, decorate the house and do the shopping for Christmas lunch, somehow it all came together and the day was very — merry. And even though I have been off work for nine days, things haven’t been too tense, except for the occasional fight-to-the-death between Anabella and Scarlett. (are sisters always like this??) However, it appears that a few of Dan’s little “sayings” have rubbed off on my otherwise nearly perfect little three-year-old child during all the quality time we have spent together.

I am laying in bed and Scarlett is next to me watching a cartoon. She notices that I am on my cell phone and says “Mommy, I want to play my mouse game.”

Me: “I’m on the phone right now, but you can play when I am done.”

Scarlett (with a very serious face): “If you don’t let me play my mouse game, I am going to smack your ass.”

Nice job, daddy. Can’t wait until she pulls that out in school next week.

6 thoughts on “Happy holidays!

  1. I don’t think sweet little Ethan is going to know what to say once Scarlett lays that on him!

    Glad to hear you’ve come out of the holidays in one piece! 2011 is the year of the bunny so I’m sure that means everything will be cute and snuggly. It’s about time.

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