Hey Shorty, it’s my birthday! (Updated!)

I’m all grown up now, but you can tell this is me by the red hair and the “WTF?” look on my face. Apparently some things never change.

This has been a pretty decent day. Not the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER, but I am keeping a pro/con list and so far the pros are winning. (I’ll update this as the day goes on.)

1. 11 phone calls, five text messages, several in-person well wishes, four emails and four e-cards so far (including one from Omar!)
2. Treated to lunch by KB – free pizza from CPK, because they goofed and put basil on mine
3. Complimented by strangers on my car, my blouse and my purse today
4. Cake – twice! (Thank you Agustin for the Crave cupcakes!)
5. Been shot at by confetti guns four times and haven’t died from the shock
6. I share my birthday with NCS (who is also 39 today), my aunt Cynthia, my sister-in-law Stephanie, Matt D., and my sweet little friend LTR, who turned 12
7. The celebration continues until Saturday (margaritas and Mexican food with close friends)

1. Checked mail for birthday cards – found jury summons instead
2. 364 days until 40
3. Sick from so much cake this week

(Agustin was also responsible for the confetti guns, but luckily he provided directions.)

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