I made the rounds to some of my favorite blogs at lunch and there seems to be a common theme these days … the economy, bad times and general blah-ness.

And it’s much of the same going on here, which is why I haven’t been blogging. I haven’t enjoyed much free time (Dan has been traveling a lot), and it’s all been doom and gloom lately, so I didn’t want to bring you all down. Work life (still at AIG) a total mess? Check. Personal life (big demands, little resources) taking a toll? Check. Family drama and turmoil (my poor dad is sleeping on my couch … don’t ask)? Check. Turning almost 40 this week? Check. Want to run away? Check.

I am still a “half-full” girl, but lately I’ve needed some help staying there. While driving in the car this weekend, Anabella was noticing all the wild flowers … naming off the colors … and then she stops and says “Mommy, those flowers are for you. ALL the flowers are for you.” Of course that got me all teary-eyed. How sweet! What a precious little girl. I spent the rest of the afternoon in one of those “I should appreciate the things I have” moods.

Not five hours later, I am changing into sleep clothes and Anabella laughs and points to the back of my leg. “That’s bumpy!”

Anabella giveth, Anabella taketh away.

— The B.S. Cafe is now serving a little reality to a certain three-year-old girl. That’s cellulite, Anabella, and you will know all about it in approximately 20 years.

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