I’m so f*cking OVER you …

TEXANS! Not Texans meaning us cool people who live in Texas, but The Texans as in the football team.

I am so tired of dragging my ass to Reliant Stadium every other Sunday to see them lose. It’s depressing. Especially because 1.) we have a lot of good players, and 2.) we have spent a lot of money to be season ticket holders for 7 years of losing seasons.

I know we are a new team, but COME ON. Despite what Omar thinks, they are not losing because I refuse to splash more blue poo water on myself! Get a decent quarter back. Get a better coach. Do SOMETHING. Throw money at it! Seriously, I hear that works.

Oh, and while you are at it…please get rid of the hookers who dance in the end zone after every quarter. What happened to the days when cheerleaders did CHEERS and not just slutty dances? I don’t want my daughters watching that crap.

So to wrap this rant up with something completely not related to the Texans sucking, a little fun fact about me. Here is the view from my seat …

And here is where I watch the game.

I think somebody has a TV problem.

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