Troy Aikman Rules

I received several comments about meeting Troy Aikman, so I decided to dig out the photo and force you all to relive that glorious day with me.

This was taken in August of 1996 at Cowboys training camp in Austin, Texas. Thousands of people were there that day watching practice. As the day was wrapping up, a guy walks up to me in the bleachers and says “Would you like to meet Troy Aikman?” I thought he was joking, but I said “OF COURSE!” and he handed me a little ticket. (Come to find out, they randomly picked 50 people a day to meet him.) So, the guy tells me to be over by the fence in 10 minutes and walks off. I then go into full panic mode…I had been sitting out in the blistering heat all day…I probably looked and smelled like crap, and this is when I am suppposed to meet the man of my dreams?

Despite the 110-degree temperature, and the fact that I am no athlete, I sprinted to my car, took my hair out of the pony tail, put on makeup, changed shirts, and sprinted back…all within my 10 minutes.

Things to notice: 1.) I am not sweating. Apparently adrenaline is quite powerful. 2.) I am holding my heart…it was beating so fast I thought I was going to die…pretty close to how I felt when I saw that big ass spider in my garage 3.) This picture is completely out of focus. That is because my friend Kelly (she is Ms. Popular Butt in the linked post), who scored a ticket after I raced off to the car, was shaking so bad she couldn’t take the photo. Her picture with Troy looks very similar! 🙂

The funniest thing about this meeting was that I could not make myself talk. Nothing. I know, totally crazy and almost unbelievable. He was all Mr. Small Talk….”it sure is hot”…”glad you came out today”…”are you from Austin?” I don’t think I answered anything with more than one word…”yep”…”thanks”…”no.” Idiot.

So that was first meeting with Mr. Troy Aikman. I met him once again, about 2 years later, and had a similar experience (where I turned into a total moron). Guess it wasn’t meant to be. Although, he did marry a girl named Rhonda….

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