Vacation, baby

I have an excuse for my extended absense this time … we just got home from 10 days of vacation. I wouldn’t call it relaxing, but it was mostly fun and the girls had an amazing time, and that is what is important.

Here is where we stayed in Anaheim for the first three days.

The hotel left “Princess Anabella” a note on their letterhead and then asked to take her photo by the sign so they could post it to their Facebook page. Anabella was beside herself with excitement. I had to check Facebook every hour to update her on her “likes” and “comments.”

And, of course Scarlett’s dreams came true when she finally met her hero, Mater. Yes, Mater. I know.

She told him she loved him as she walked up to get this photo taken. It was pretty adorable.

We rode a lot of kid rides, met a few princesses and did all the usual Disney stuff. Scarlett also got to try her hand at driving and I have to say, she is really good. Scary good. She was all “faster, faster” and barely ever hit the median. So I anticipate that this will be the child who sneaks the car out before she has a license.

We then flew to Maui for seven days. It would have been great if I had not gotten deathly ill on the plane. I spent the first three days in bed, but the girls had fun and spent most of their time here …

I managed to rally on day four and forced myself to at least go out to the pool every day. On our final night we took the girls to a luau. Here they are up on stage learning to hula. Again, pretty friggin adorable. And they loved being on stage. Total hams!

As for me, I am still recovering from the illness from hell, but I am starting to feel normal again. However, Dan and I definitely could use a vacation from the vacation.

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  1. Not sure. I wasn’t smart enough to go to doctor in Hawaii. By the time I got home, and wound up taking myself to the ER because I was gasping for air, my chest x-ray said brochitis with a small spot of pneumonia. But after a breathing treatment, and now several days of steriods, antibiotics, inhaler puffs and rest, I am feeling mostly normal. Still hacking though!

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