WTF? Wednesday

Why are you trying to scare the shit out of me?” edition

Three things I have found disturbing lately ….

#1 Creepy lady (click photos for larger version)

I don’t typically like to make fun of the way that people look. It’s not cool. But, I gasped when I saw this lady … she was startling. Not sure if it was the super crazy beehive/rat’s nest hair-do or the over-the-top makeup, but someone should be a good friend and tell her that she needs to take it down a notch. Even just one or the other!

#2 The last place I want to use the bathroom

For those you in H-town, this is currently on Allen Parkway for the use of the poor guys doing road construction. For those of you not from Houston, I call this street “The Road of Bad Decisions.” I’ve been driving to and from work on it for nearly five years, and I cannot tell you how many wrecks I have seen on this winding road. MANY of which involve someone launching his or her vehicle over the median into oncoming traffic. Therefore, I would nominate this for the scariest bathroom ever. I would rather pee myself.

#3 Woman who likes to scare small children

I call her this because she was at Disneyland, known as “the HAPPIEST place on Earth,” not “the place where I have to explain to my children why you have an EYEBALL in the middle of your hair flower.” (I also enjoy the ice cream cone tattoos topped with skull heads. That will make those children rethink frozen treats.)

Seriously, WTF? Who would wear something like this to a place packed with sweet little kids who just want to hang out with princesses and meet Mickey Mouse? And adding the butterfly doesn’t make it better. That’s just more disturbing.

So which do you find the scariest?

3 thoughts on “WTF? Wednesday

  1. The Conehead lady is the scariest to me because she is walking around with no idea that she is frightening young children and small animals. Tattoo Girl knows what she’s doing, which makes her less scary, to me!

    Bahahaha……this was a great return to WTF Wednesdays!

  2. If you get past the stink eye in her hair she’s clearly soft-hearted and only wants to be loved and cut you when you’re not looking.

    I never understood some porta potty placements but that takes the cake! I guess if you’re constipated you’ll do well getting scared shitless!

  3. I lived off Allen Pkwy for a few years and it never failed when it rained that a car would be upside down on the grassy slope next to the road after losing control on the slippery curve.

    They finally raked grooves into the road at that spot and that fixed it!

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