“What the f*ck?” Wednesday

I had a great “WTF? Wednesday” ready to go … about our nanny and her wacky mom … but then I got a call from my BFF from high school, Halle, from Texas Children’s Hospital. And now, her one-year-old daughter is in surgery, having a “foreign object” removed from her lungs. So I am sitting here, waiting for the call that she is okay and in recovery.

My friend Kathy mentioned that something similar had happened to her as a baby … she was on a counter and grabbed a whole peanut, which she then proceeded to choke on. I had no idea something you swallowed could end up in your lungs? And once we started talking about it, Kathy and I decided it’s really a miracle she’s here with us at all. Why was she on a counter as a baby? (we made up a little scenario where her mom left her on the counter so she could step out on the patio for a scotch and a cig. ha!)

So please say a little prayer for baby Blair. Did I mention that it is Halle’s wedding anniversary too? WTF, Universe? That’s pretty crappy.

And to end on a happy note. WTF is this all about? If I want something to taste like bacon, I’ll put some bacon in it. I don’t want bacon-flavored anything … that should only be done to dog food.

That being said, Dan bought this and we had it on some hamburgers. It was good, but it was no bacon.

5 thoughts on ““What the f*ck?” Wednesday

  1. Choking is very frightening and the whole lung thing is awful. Hope all is well with your friend. And yes, people are going overboard with their love of bacon.

  2. UPDATE!
    Blair had a PEANUT in her lung. (Just like Kathy … weird!) She was then diagnosed with swine flu, so she was in the hospital until yesterday afternoon. But she is home and doing better. Unfortunately for my friend Halle, she now has swine flu too. 🙁

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