Where’s Rhonda???

On her deathbed!

Sorry I haven’t been posting or commenting this past week, but I have spent 20% of my time with my head in a toilet and the other 80% in bed. Something was definitely trying to kill me, but I think I have prevailed. I am currently on anti-vomit medication (I had no idea there was such a thing!), so while I am not barfing, I am now dizzy, tired and still quite nauseous. Hopefully I will be feeling more normal soon, as I have LOTS of things to blog about. (A solid week of TV has given me many, many topics….Anna Nicole Smith, the diaper-wearing astronaut, the teenagers who baked a puppy…our world has gone mad, people!)

In the interim, my friend Kim sent me a really funny video from YouTube featuring the late Steve Irwin. I will post it for your viewing pleasure.

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