Our World Has Gone Crazy Week

Today is the first of a week-long series in which I intend to prove that our world has gone absolutely crazy.

Exhibit 1 – Anna Nicole Smith
As most of you know, I found myself deathly ill for almost a week…and (un)luckily for me, that time spent in bed coincided with Anna Nicole Smith’s tragic death. Therefore, I was treated to non-stop coverage of her life, death, lovers, habits, etc. The one thing that really stood out to me was that news channels don’t seem to care about facts anymore. They will let any nutjob (like Bobby Trendy) get on TV and say whatever they want, as if it was fact.

One guy (on Redeye) even thought it would be funny to claim that a dolphin could be the baby’s father. WTF? It was really kind of heartbreaking that people were practically making fun of her and the woman hadn’t even been dead for even a week. I understand that she had problems. It’s clear that she was a misguided soul. But she was still a human being. Anna Nicole lost a child, which I am sure is pain beyond imagination, and now she has left behind a little baby. A baby who will never know her mother, and whose future is totally up in the air. Does no one else find that to be sad?

Journalism is in a really pitiful state. “The Soup” on E! was more respectful than all the news stations combined. That is pathetic! I find myself being oh-so-very grateful that I did not pursue my dreams of being a newspaper or TV reporter.

So to conclude, news stations reporting opinions as facts and giving credibility to anyone who claims to know something…the first reason why I think our world has lost its collective mind.

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