Our World Has Gone Crazy Week — Part 2

Exhibit 2 – The diaper-wearing astronaut and the teenagers who baked a puppy

Do I really need to pull out the soapbox for either of these stories? The reason why I think these two stories further exhibit the downward spiral of society (beyond the obvious, of course) is that 1.) wearing a diaper so you can kill someone faster takes a special kind of crazy, especially when you are one of an “elite” group of people who are loved and admired by people everywhere. I mean really, who hates astronauts? And, 2.) BAKING a puppy, and then showing it to neighborhood children, shows a complete absence of a heart. I would really like to know more about the parents who raised these two monsters.

Here’s a blog on the whole ordeal, if you are interested in making yourself feel bad. http://georgiapuppytorture.blogspot.com/

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