Howard Stern vs. American Idol…the most ridiculous battle of the century

So Howard Stern wants to “destroy” American Idol. (see this article for the details… Besides the fact that it is clearly a publicity stunt, this bothers me on three levels. First, I can’t stand Howard Stern. He is a hemorrhoid (I probably hate him as much as Nancy Grace, but at least I don’t have to SEE him). I especially hate that he is getting so much press over this.

Second, doesn’t he have anything better to do? There are no strippers or porn stars on AI, so why is he so interested? Wouldn’t it be nice if he channeled all this energy into something positive for a change? Not that I think he is capable of that, of course. He seems to thrive when being an antagonist.

Third, it seems like he is accomplishing his goal, which makes me totally freak out. Howard Stern has this kind of power? All he does is pimp out strippers on the radio! Why do so many people (men) listen to him? It’s frightening people, frightening.

And the absolute worst part of all is that this little campaign in ruining my grid (yes, I am gambling on AI…it’s the only reason I started watching the show this season)! So here’s hoping that Sanjaya gets kicked off tonight. The only thing worse than him being there (and me losing money because he is still there) is the fact that he seems to be buying into all the press and is getting quite cocky. It’s annoying.

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