Make it stop

The bleeding of my bank account that is. Have you ever had one of those weeks when money acts like you have a BO problem? Mine can’t get away from me fast enough at the moment. First, our cat Deuce falls deathly illl last week. Complete blockage of the bladder and near kidney failure. Three days in kitty ICU = $1,200. Then our AC downstairs breaks down Saturday night. One fan motor = $660. (Me, Anabella and two cats sleeping in a twin bed upstairs = priceless. And also sleepless.)

Now my car is pissed because it wants to be serviced and keeps dinging at me and telling me “you are 100 miles past service” so I called the dealer to make an appointment. Service for my bitchy little car – $500.


6 thoughts on “Make it stop

  1. My account has been bleeding lately too! Spent about $1,800 on my car and about $350 on the cats! UGH!

    I also but a couple new pairs of shoes… but that was to make me feel better!

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