WTF? Wednesday-ish

Yes, it’s Thursday, but I meant to put this up yesterday.

I went to lunch at BRC yesterday. For you non-Houstonians, it’s a “gastropub” — meaning it’s pub/comfort food menu with a gourmet twist. I adore the food, and the fact that they feature a mac & cheese of the day, plus it is really close to my office.

After the meal, I excused myself to the bathroom and was PETRIFIED to discover that I could see the outline of a man who was sitting in one of the stalls. I couldn’t make out his features or see what he was up to in there, but I could see that he was sitting on the toilet, I could see his pants around his ankles, etc. WTF?? No, really. WTF??? This isn’t a crazy nightclub where things like that are shocking or cool or whatever.

I took this picture of that same guy from inside the stall I went into — I kept the lights OFF as you can tell, but you get an idea of how much you can make out. It’s not nearly as offensive when you are washing your hands obviously.

9 thoughts on “WTF? Wednesday-ish

  1. Not that you mentioned the real name of the place but is it part of the theme or something? You can seriously see the person in the next stall? And it’s a dude??

    Glad to see lots of postings! I love your posts!

  2. There’s a lot about public toilets that I don’t understand, including why they bother to have male and female toilets – I don’t really want anyone else involved in any way in my exercising of those particular bodily functions and I’m even more repulsed by having to witness anyone else’s – but whether they’re male or female is of no significance to me.

    I’ve never seen a “facility” with glass doors. Is this one of those tree-hugging things?

  3. Well BRC stands for Big Red Cock. Maybe we are supposed to be on the look out for the Big Red Cock in the mens room!
    I don’t recall there being glass doors in the ladies room… but now that I think about it I’m not sure I used the ladies room when I went!

  4. The ladies’ and the men’s are in a common area. Individual stalls. They share the sinks. It’s very weird. I am going to say something next time I go in. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

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