WTF? Wednesday

Parental Edition: Stop growing up so fast!
The girls were taking a bath a few days ago and Anabella announces to me that Scarlett has a boyfriend. Scarlett, who isn’t even 3 years old yet, has a boyfriend. Ummm, ok.

Anabella: Scarlett’s boyfriend is named Ethan.

Me: Really? Isn’t Scarlett a little young for a boyfriend.

Anabella: No, he is her boyfriend. And he really likes vegetables.

Me: (in my head) WTF? Am I really talking boyfriends with a 5 and a 2 year old??!?!

And the subject was dropped.

Until last night, when Scarlett grabs our home phone and brings it to me. “I want to call Ethan.”

WTF? I know kids grow up fast these days and all that crap, but who is teaching my TWO YEAR OLD that she has a boyfriend? I mean, it’s super cute when Scarlett starts talking about Ethan as soon as we get close to school — BUT it makes me feel like I now have a VERY VERY VERY long road ahead of me with two girls.

How much boy drama am I in for over the next 15 years or so??

10 thoughts on “WTF? Wednesday

  1. So I introduced myself to Ethan’s mom at school this week — since we are clearly going to be in-laws. I explained how Scarlett talks non-stop about her son … I’m sure she thinks we are all crazy.

    Brian – not cool! 😉

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