Passing on a tradition

Anabella starts kindergarten in just two weeks! I’m excited for her (she talks about “big girl” school every day), but I’m also kind of reeling from just how fast the last five years have gone. Didn’t I just give birth to her?? People with older children always tell me that childhood goes by in the blink of an eye, and now I am starting to believe them.

My mother came over this weekend and took Anabella shopping for school clothes. My grandmother used to take me school shopping every year, and it was something we both really looked forward to. Even as she got older, and her Parkinson’s disease kept her from walking, my grandfather and I would load her into her wheelchair and head out into the craziness of the mall. She loved it.

So seeing my mom carry on that tradition with Anabella was incredibly touching. Unfortunately everything she wears has to be tan, black or blue bottoms and solid color tops, (WTF is up with the crazy dress codes?!) but she still had fun trying things on — and the highlight was the cool Keds with charms and heart shoe strings, and the new “Toy Story” panties. We really like Jessie around here. lol

We also went to lunch and had pedicures together. Mom and Anabella both got crazy bright colors and flowers painted on their big toes.

Their bond is amazing … it was one of those weekends when you really appreciate family.

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