“What the f*ck?” Wednesday

Before I start ranting, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Dan the man. Today is our 9th wedding anniversary and I’m really happy that he still loves me and thinks I’m hot. You rock, baby!

Next, I would like to say WTF WordPress? It took me a friggin week to figure out why I couldn’t upload pictures. Blogger is limited, but it’s way easy. I love my new site and theme, but getting out the kinks is quite time consuming. (And not as easy as all the WordPress lovers would have you believe.)

Okay, let’s move on to Jenn-Air.

Last Saturday night, I was home alone with the girls, and decided to make some tater tots to go with our dinner. When the timer buzzed, I went to open the oven door, and THE ENTIRE THING CAME OFF IN MY HAND.

Luckily I jump a lot faster than even I would have figured. I managed to get out of the way as the door, which was heated to 450 degrees, crashed to the floor. It sounded like a small explosion and sent glass flying everywhere.

Of course I was barefoot, and the girls were running around barefoot, so there was a total girly freakout next. Scarlett was crying, Anabella was repeatedly asking “what happened?!” and I was screaming at them to stay away. Once I walked through the pool of glass, and tried to figure out what to do with the steaming hot door, I realized just how f*cked up the whole situation was. Have you ever heard of this happening? WTF Jenn-Air? Really? The door just comes off? My mom has 30-year-old, total piece of crap oven in her house and its door has never just popped off. And did I mention all the little burning glass shards that left marks on my hands, feet, legs and chest. No bueno, Jenn-Air.

So now the “safety team” is deciding what to do. The company that repaired the hinges on the door in November under our extended warranty is claiming no fault, and Jenn-Air has only agreed to cover labor at this point (the parts are $600 of course). I can tell you this. There is no way in hell I am paying one penny.

This may be my biggest battle yet. Bigger than Poopgate of 2007! Stay tuned …

6 thoughts on ““What the f*ck?” Wednesday

  1. Big Fail Jenn-Air. They need to make good pretty damn fast. The fact that it wasnt’ a biggest disaster is a miracle and they get no credit for avoiding what might have happened. TG everyone is okay.

    And yes, WordPress is aggravating. Worth it (I hope) but very, very aggravating.

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