Random Thoughts on Men

Welcome to my Monday mind dump. Hope you aren’t looking for something important to read. 😉

Ricky Martin came out today
This is going to KILL my friend Jeanne, who has been insisting he was not gay for about 12 or 13 years now. And the best part, today is her birthday. LOL

Men are getting weirder
At lunch, a coworker revealed that several men she has met online (3 or 4 in row) lied about their age. When did the tables turn? I didn’t think men were subjected to ageism. The crazy part is that it was only by a few years (39 instead of 43). What the hell difference does that make?

I love Joe Biden’s F-bomb
I know it’s not appropriate to cuss on TV, but clearly that part was an accident. Doesn’t anyone find it refreshing that the vice president turned into a normal dude for one second and really enjoyed the enormity of the situation he was in? I think it totally rocks.

And now for the serious bit
I found out over the weekend that someone I used to date was killed in a rather horrific way. The thing that has me stumbling around in my emotions, is that this person was a total ass. He lied to me about being married, led me on for months, and basically broke my silly little 25-year-old heart. So while it made me sad when I heard, and I find it very tragic, and I am incredibly sorry for his children, I didn’t even shed a tear. And now I feel really, REALLY guilty for that.

Ridiculous, right??

“What the f*ck?” Wednesday

It’s been a good week for WTF photos. I could probably publish a whole book on just WTF signs … and why do they always seem to be in bathrooms?

This sign comes from a fancy sushi restaurant:

So the question is — did someone really go to the most expensive sushi restaurant in town, head to the ladies room and decide to do pull-ups or something equally as stupid from this bar, and then break it/pull it out of the wall/crack their head open/or something equally as stupid? Because I don’t think you put up a sign like that “just in case.”

As I was shopping for Easter basket stuff this past weekend, I came across these. I know, it’s probably quite telling that my mind went straight to the gutter, but do these look really PHALLIC to anyone else?

It took me a full minute to put the whole ear of corn thing together. (Because I was totally mesmerized and didn’t bother to even read it. HA)

And finally, a WTF find from Sam’s Club. I haven’t bought any Boone’s Farm in over 20 years, but I am fairly certain it costs at least $3.00 a bottle. WTF kind of nasty wine only costs $2.91?

This entire week has been filled with WTF moments, but some of the most entertaining have been from the rodeo (I’m volunteering this year), so expect a recap next week. Rodeo WTF is a whole new ballgame, folks!

P.S. Totally forgot to congratulate my friend Kim on her BIG WIN at my 9th annual Oscar bash. She won the Golden Biatch by a landslide. The Biatch had some major “work” done this year, so she is looking hotter than ever, especially in her new dress holding her very own little Oscar statue. (And she’s completely recovered from her near death experience thanks to a certain Deucebag!) I’m sure Kim will put her in a place of honor for the next 12 months.

“What the f*ck?” Wednesday

I recently reconnected with a friend from high school on Facebook, who had the interesting idea of telling people two things he remembered about them.

One of the things he recalled about me was my extreme resistance to putting stickers on my car. Apparently, I had my senior parking sticker on an acrylic picture frame that I would stand up in the window. (I have completely blocked out this memory, but it does sound like something I would do.) So obviously the OCD/car obsession thing started early, but it also explains why I find most bumper stickers really annoying. (But I still love you if you have them on your car!)

My biggest offenders are the “honor roll” kids, Calvin & Hobbs urinating on company logos and these — the “look at my cute family” stickers that keep getting weirder and weirder.

For example, WTF is this?
A pirate family? Why doesn’t daddy have a hat too? Where’s the parrot? Doesn’t this creep your kids out just a little bit?

“What’s that mommy?”

“That’s what you look like when you die.”

But this one is even better. I know I am confused, so I can only imagine how the kids must be feeling. Let’s see — there’s a daddy, a mommy … another daddy … four kids and two dogs.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am NOT signing up for the two spouse program.
P.S. Wondering what “WTF? Cat” Deucebag has been up to? Well, he has decided that it is too hard to just hang his head in the bowl to eat (while laying down), so now he knocks the bowl over and leisurely eats off the counter top.