He who loves 50 people has 50 woes…

Or she who has two children has 50 woes. Either way, Buddha was correct.

Quarantine has proven to be incredibly challenging for my oldest daughter. She seemed okay, and even appeared to be thriving in the online school environment, but that was not the case. No need to get into the details here, but she spent a week in the hospital for depression, and that was disabling in a way I didn’t think could happen to me. But she has been home for 11 days, and is making progress, which is all I was hoping for during those darker moments.

So while my last post was about the upside of quarantine, things flipped on Mother’s Day, and I became painfully aware that those who have depression or mental health issues have most likely been affected exponentially by this pandemic.

My takeaway is to check in with people I care about more … make sure they are really okay, not just telling me they are okay. ❤

The Positives of Quarantine

While there have definitely been hard moments, several good things have also come from being home with my family for eight weeks. The best part has been all the quality time with the girls. We haven’t been crafting or learning a new language, but just being around them 24/7 has been wonderful. For example, Scarlett loves breakfast, and she is usually awake right after my first few standing calls of the day, so I’ve been able to make her something special a few times a week. With Anabella, it’s all about Starbucks drive-thru and watching “our” shows (The Masked Singer, Below Deck Sailing Yacht and Catfish … don’t judge!). They are both growing up fast, so I feel blessed to get this weirdly special time with them.

Having time to do things around my house (cleaning out closets, organizing, gardening, etc.) has also been cool. I’ve knocked a lot of things off my “to do” list … things that I probably never would have gotten around to.

And at least two or three times a week, I go outside with Rocky around 7:30 p.m., listen to music and watch the sunset … all by myself. And I’ve discovered that doing nothing is awesome. I rarely, if ever, get this much time to just be.

A moment of Zen.

Happy Cinco de Mayo

I’m officially one step closer to becoming a Stepford Wife. I was already the woman who is constantly cleaning/tidying the house, but quarantine has me gardening, cookinq and now I’m throwing dinner parties for my less-than-enthusiastic family. It was actually sort of fun to make a big Tex-Mex feast … almost everything from scratch. Two hours of prep and over in 15 minutes, but what else was I doing? 😉

Table setting
Raining outside, fiesta inside.